Who is Mohamed Salah Elsaka?

Mohamed Salah Elsaka (researcher and author, Egyptian, currently residing in Saudi Arabia)

Author of the book “Don’t Always Put Your Mind on Flight Mode.”

Founder of “Quick Kaizen LLC.” _USA.

Founder of website: “kalmnfsksah.com”.

       The author specializes in administrative development and transformation, and he has practical experience (15 years) in this field. During these years he had a great  passion for the areas of management, self-development and business. He learned and traveled to many of the most developed countries worldwide and explored the secrets of their development and prosperity. He also practiced the arts that correspond to the highest values ​​in a practical way. He, thanks to Allah, held many senior administrative positions in the private sector, which required high-level leadership skills, the ability to draw up plans, make difficult decisions and deal with many different mentalities and crises. This had a significant impact on his writing style. The content he presents is concise and useful. It practically respects time and mind.  It is also based on persuasion free of wordiness and provides powerful information, with a realistic and logical implementation mechanism supported by the cause and effect principle and compatible with the laws of the universe whose veracious results are guaranteed for anyone who complies with whatever his circumstances.

The author leaves a noticeable mark on all his works. The secret behind this is that the content he offers includes:

  • Topics that contemporary minds need urgently are dealt with in a way that suits all people, including those who are habitually optimistic, argumentative, pessimistic, or obstinate as well as those who are aware of their own faults but don’t know how to address them and those who plunge into inattention, waiting for luck to be on their side or feel unreasonably hopeful.
  • An investment in time and money that saves you the time and money you should spend searching for or getting a big amount of important and accurate information that contemporary minds actually need.
  • Provides practical skills of higher value to conscious minds_ For example, “Don’t always put your Mind on Flight Mode” is not a mere book you can buy. Rather, it is an informative reference book.
  • Fully-fledged information_The book “Don’t always put your Mind on Flight Mode” was originally compiled into seven volumes by the author himself with a view to marketing them in succession. However, he opted to combine them into a single book to represent its chapters. The purpose is to present fully-developed information in one product that can be of real help to everyone.
  • Innovative presentation
    • The author uses mental links that can help readers to reduce a considerable amount of information into one word or clause such as the title of the book itself.
    • The author converts valuable and impactful information to reasoned equations.
    • He conducts a dialogue with the mind to strengthen attention and awareness when it receives information.
  • Readers have the impression that:
    • The information contained in the book concerns them in particular.
    • The book provokes their thought to consider the consequences of their own unconscious actions.
    • The book qualifies them to obtain the boons and make use of the resources available.
    • The author successfully produced a real masterpiece.