"Don't always put your Mind on Flight Mode!"
(Arabic version)

 A Practical Guide to Activating Mental Effort.

Mental Effort= (the Origin of Physical Effort and Making Use of the Possible Means Available).

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   We invest time with you and promise you that it is very difficult to honor us with your visit and then leave us without benefiting as instantly as possible- even if you cannot afford to buy the book. You can easily judge how useful it will be if you invest your time in carefully reading well the content on this page which is designed to provoke your mind and help you in achieving your goals. After that you will have two options- we never advise you to take up the second option:
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   You can search for workable answers to all the questions that will run through your mind during your visit to our site. You will surely find practical answers. (Note that working out solutions requires a mind qualified to receive them = adapting the mind to the desired mental effort.)
The second option:
   You can overlook the thought-provoking message sent to you, which reads: ”Talk to Yourself Right, Don’t always put Your Mind on Flight Mode.”

About the Book

   Dear reader, regardless of your current circumstances, whether you acknowledge that you have a big role in them or think that you are a victim of circumstance, and no matter how rigid you are,

you have to answer the following questions: ​

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want?
  • What should I do?
  • Why don’t I do the things which if I accomplish will add value to my life?
  • Why do I engage myself in things I think fruitless?
  • What should I do to act?
  • From where should I take the initiative?
  • How can I take the initiative?
  • Why don’t I take the initiative even though I want to?
  • Why do I go back to square one whenever I start to act seriously?
  • Why does my mind defy me very often?
  • When will things calm down?
  • Why shouldn’t I deserve better even though my intentions and actions are sincere and good?
  • When will luck be on my side so that I can realize my dreams?
  • How can I jump out of the Café of Depression and Misfortune?
  • What is the difference between divine knowledge and power and failure to make use of all available means?
  • Does predestination mean that I have no free will or choice? Or does it denote just divine Omnipotence and omniscience?
  • What are the ABCs of making use of all available means?
  • How can I make use of all available means to reach my end?
  • How can you qualify yourself for making use of the serviceable assets and resources around you?

In most cases, your response to the questions above can be as follows:

  1. You strive consciously to find workable answers to them. In doing so, you become qualified to achieve your objectives and lead a good life.
  2. You busy yourself with searching for the answers then you lose your enthusiasm gradually and finally stop. In doing so, you will feel regretful one day.
  3. You handle these questions with sheer desperation and disappointment. In doing so, you qualify yourself to have a seat in the Café of Depression and Misfortune for a long time
  4. You disregard these questions. In this case you qualify yourself to plunge into carelessness. This means that you are unconsciously liable to adopt the available means that prove counterproductive.      

This book, by the help of Allah:

   Does not arouse your interest then leaves you exhausting it in vain. Rather, it works up your mind so that you can consciously consider the consequences of your own unconscious (subconscious) actions. It also aims to assist you, under your current circumstances, in learning how to qualify yourself for the serviceable assets and resources around you and enhance your thinking when deciding to make the best use of the boons and opportunities available.

   To enhance your reasoning you should first learn about what disrupts the functions of your mind and how to protect it against silly thinking. The purpose is, by the help of Allah, to guide your reasoning in light of the laws of the universe whose veracious results are beyond question. Because such laws are well-established and guaranteed by the Creator of humankind, i.e. Allah.  In conforming to them duly and compliantly, a person becomes eligible for their good end results.

The Main Focus Point of This Book is the same one that strains minds and renders humans disappointed and mentally unstable. This point is that one has an inherent craving for having full boons and material comforts, but ignores the rules that qualify him to obtain and enjoy them. The reason behind this is that one does not distinguish between the Omnipotence and Omniscience of Allah and humans’ failure to fulfill their responsibility for making use of all available means and how to repose their trust in and rely upon their Lord. This is what you will learn in this book so that your life will change for the better in a way easier than you yourself imagine. However, this will come true on one condition that you have a wholehearted and sincere intention to improve yourself on an ongoing basis.

In the Same Book You Will Find dialogues I conduct with your mind, which can put into your head deep facts you claim to know well, and which I call “Mind Dialogues.” This is designed to rid you of both fatal pessimism and unreasoning optimism and open your mind to sensible or moderate hopefulness as a virtue that lies between two extremes (excessive or unreasoning optimism and pessimism).

You will also be informed about some practical ways that can help you overcome the psychological barriers that significantly hinder your energy and everyday activity.

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