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Be fully confident that fate does not lead you to this site-at that very moment- by mistake or chance or even out of curiosity.  It is a timely message that you can receive, and we promise that you will be in the right place. Accessing this site indicates that you have a strong desire to develop yourself and change all your life for the better. As a result, we deliberately inspire and encourage anyone who visits our site to develop himself and change for the better even if he does not get our products and services. It is an honour to communicate with him and respond to his inquiries. We are glad that you recognize us and learn about the high quality services and products we offer to help you change yourself by yourself for the better easily and quickly, regardless of your own current circumstances.  

It is important to first define the clause "Talk to Yourself Right!" What does it mean? How can one put it into practice?

   Allah willed this life to depend on material means which require mental effort that in turn generates physical effort. The intended mental effort requires that one should observe his own thoughts and the way he talks to himself. In other words, it needs right self-talk. How? >> One always talks to himself, and this is normal and innate for each sensible person who chooses between alternatives, vacillates between ideas, memories, wishes, feelings and always makes a decision either consciously and unconsciously.

What is important is what one says to himself when he talks to himself per day, month or year.

 Repeated self-talk (internal talk, positive or negative) helps turn it into an action. Such a frequent action becomes a habit. Habits definitely contribute to one’s own fate in life. For example, a thief does not commit his crime unless he thinks about it within himself repeatedly. Then the thought turns into an illegal action. Similarly, succeeding in changing and developing oneself begins with a thought and that thought turns into an action then an everyday habit. This means that any person talks to himself incorrectly (whatever his true aims). One is more likely to unconsciously make wrong mental and physical effort and make use of wrong means that produce undesirable results. In this case one stays at the Café of Depression and Misfortune for a long time and fails to achieve any of his objectives. This could be attributed to the fact that one is always unaware of his thoughts and his self-talk.

Thus the clause ‘Talk to Yourself Correctly’ is a short cut to adjusting one’s self and changing it for the better. It means preparing the mind for making use of all available means and resources around regardless of one’s own circumstances.

The purpose of the same clause above is to avoid extreme thinking, fatal pessimism and unreasoning hopefulness, focus on reasoned optimism- during self-talk- and help one reach the state of mental effort (the origin of physical effort) which qualifies one to make use of the means available and achieve his goals.

The formula of putting into practice “Talk to Yourself Correctly” =

(don’t grieve for the past) + (don’t dislike or reject present) + (don’t be pessimistic about future).

Introducing "Talk to Yourself Correctly!" site

   This site is aimed at providing high quality effective developmental services and products to those who have a genuine desire to change themselves by themselves (and thus change their reality for the better) to help them reach their ultimate end, that is to say to lead a comfortable and happy life (based on their current circumstances). The site offers a structured and effectual content that could help you learn how to make your mind perform its functions and to have your own role in life.

In brief, the site helps you answer the question: what does it mean I should act right (now and in this situation)?

The Depth of our Mission

We plan to raise individuals’ positive awareness of the fact that their minds inherently are designed to succeed in all aspects of life. But they are distracted regarding their roles in the success or failure of these aspects. We also intend to help such people jump out of the Café of Depression and Misfortune and join “the club of balanced success”.

The Advantages of "Talk to Yourself Correctly!"

Our distinction lies in the themes on which the content we create and present is based. These include:   

  • We value and respect time. Thus we don’t provide vulnerable information just to impress readers or expatiate on specific topics. The content we present is informative, intelligible, logical, and effective. It involves an implementation mechanism in harmony with the high values, contemporary mind and its authentic problems.
  • We focus on the unique divine boons and bestowals (which those who stay at the Café of Depression and Misfortune are unfamiliar with). They are the serviceable resources that one can obtain by making use of all available means.
  • We focus on causes rather than purposes in terms of the main challenges posed to contemporary mind, which disrupts its normal functions and has an adverse impact on both present and future.
  • We use the mind dialogue method for persuasion, with the aim of raising questions that may run through one’s head and find no convincing answers. (That can be the secret of one’s failure.)
  • We use the management by objectives method so that your dreams become a reality.
  • We use the management by exception method (avoiding extreme thinking, fatal pessimism and unreasoning hopefulness).
  • We deal with things as they are and your current situation to provide effective solutions and help you overcome your difficult circumstances and go ahead with your goals.
  • We don’t depend on temporary motivation. Rather, we provide mental links that embody huge amounts of information summed up into a single clause or few words (i.e. talk to yourself right), hoping that self-development become habitual over time.
  • We present a time-tested content and the substance of relevant research and real experiences.
  • We use a method that many neglect, that is to say allowing mind to amaze its owner and prove that it is the best divine blessing one is granted. This should be after one learns how to remove all the obstacles to his mind and prevents him from making achievements (he has a mind but does not employ it properly.)

Site's Products and Services

Products and services currently available

  • We offer developmental specialized products such as the book “Don’t always put your Mind on Flight Mode!” by  Mohamed Salah Elsaka, the founder of this site.

  • We also provide consulting services and online personal training (related to self-development).

There are other products and services being developed to be offered later.

  • Specialized developmental products (related to business development and administrative transformation)

  • Administrative consulting services for institutions and companies.

  • Providing development programs and unique training courses (for individuals and businesses).

  • We will publish the remaining series of Talk to Yourself Right.

Now we are busy publishing and distributing the most powerful developmental product, namely the book “Don’t always put your Mind on Flight Mode!” through which we can convey our message to anyone who gets and prove that we are confident about its content.

We are justly proud to say that the book is the fullest Arabic work in this field. Its style is exceptional and attractive. It has been applauded by prominent Arab thinkers and scientists. It is currently being translated into English.

The secret behind the distinction of this book is that it is created in a structured manner to deal with all kinds of minds. The main points covered include:

  • Preparing mind for mental effort.
  • Removing psychological barriers that prevent contemporary mind from mental effort which in turn generates physical effort.
  • Qualifying one for enjoying boons and material comforts. (The ABCs of making use of all available means.)
  • Avoiding fatal pessimism and unreasoning hopefulness.
  • Jumping out of “the Café of Depression and Misfortune.”
  • Protecting thinking from silly thinking.
  • Judging matters, decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Recognizing the difference between divine omniscience and the consequence of one’s failure to make use of available means.
  • Turning patience into a profitable equation.
  • Answering specific questions one can ask himself (i.e. What should I do to act?)
  • Handling negative thoughts+ establishing positive habits without mind resistance.
  • How to organize mind and look ahead.
  • The terms of the agreement concluded by and between the mind and its owner.
  • How to maintain and revitalize mind in the quickest and best possible way, tame thoughts, generate and lead ideas positively and consciously.

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